Hydrostatic Pressure Probes with 4-20 mA output

Hydrostatic Pressure Probe 4-20 mA

Hydrostatic Probe, or Pressure probes are located at the bottom of a tank and they measure the pressure onto the sensor, compared to the surrounding pressure.
Pressure probes are used for larger tanks and for caustic liquids, or liquids where hazardous fumes could damage other sensors.
The probes typically have a very durable insulation for the cable running through the liquid in the tank, but can also be protected with a steel tube, where the probe is installed at the end of it. The cable is then sealed off from the tanks content and brought to the outside of the tank, to be connected to a local or remote display unit.
A local display unit could be one of the Smart Boxes depending on the application, or could be a central tank management in the Timitoo Tank Monitoring Cloud.
The typical maximum range for the pressure probes is 650 ft (200 m) which can be extended through the wireless Secu-Data.
  • Available in different length for sensor cables
  • Standard 4-20 mA output signal
  • Used for Diesel, Heating Oil, Water, Lubricants, Vegetable Oil, DEF, Waste Water, Other caustic liquids
  • Probes are configured by their maximum height they are used for (in mBar)
  • Require a IP66 connector box when extended, since the static air tube must be protected