Ultrasonic Sensors

Industrial Remote Tank Monitoring Applications

For larger and robust tank monitoring applications we offer the following devices. The The Tank Level Controller Gauge series provides a contact-free option to measure the content in various tanks, such as heating oil, Diesel, DEF, water, waste water and others.
It show the content in Liter or Gallons, the rate of consumption, remaining supply and the available space which is useful when reordering supply.

Ultrasonic Tank Monitoring with GPS

The Ultrasonic tank monitor TEK-733 is a competitively priced unit, that is simply mounted to the top of a tank and uses our online tank monitoring solution to display and manage the tanks.


Ultrasonic Monitor TEK-733


GSM Logger for Propane and hydro static probes

This unit is a very competitive option to monitor propane tanks and tanks that require hydro static probes for larger tanks. The unit can be mounted in 3 different ways also contains a GPS receiver and is therefore suitable for mobile applications as well as stationary applications. The unit transfers the data to our tank monitoring application, which requires a monthly subscription.