Level Controller Gauge Tank Monitor

The Tank Level Controller Gauge series provides a contact-free option to measure the content in various tanks, such as heating oil, Diesel, DEF, water, waste water and others.
It show the content in Liter or Gallons, the rate of consumption, remaining supply and the available space which is useful when reordering supply.

The LC-Series comes in 4 different options with the sensor and display in one unit, or the sensor connected via a 15ft (5m) cable to the display.

All Level Controller Tank Monitor Products

4 Products for contact-free ultrasound level measurement:
2 Products for ultrasound level measurement including text messaging
Digital display for:
  • Tank content in Liter, Gallons and Percent
  • Available space (how much can be refilled)
  • Remaining days of supply
  • Average consumption in Liter or Gallons
LC-Series displays...