Electronic Tank Level Gauge – Smart Box 2

Tank Level Monitor Smart Box 2 Smart Box 2 Application Example

The Smart Box Series work for vented tanks using a pressure probe. Depending on the pressure probe the box can display, Liter, Gallons, Percent and remaining days of supply. With the probe cable the box can be up to 650 ft (200m) away from the probe.

The Smart Box 2 provides the same functionality as the Smart Box 1 and additionally provides two additional Relais contacts, to switch external components, such as pumps or alarms.

Main Features

You can find this product in our Webshop:

12 Volt Version for indoor use: https://shop.tankmonitoring.net/smart-box-2-ip30-12v.html

24 Volt Version for indoor use: https://shop.tankmonitoring.net/smart-box-2-ip30-24v.html

12 Volt Version for outdoor use: https://shop.tankmonitoring.net/smart-box-2-ip65-12v.html

24 Volt Version for outdoor use: https://shop.tankmonitoring.net/smart-box-2-ip65-24v.html

Additional examples of application:

Smart Box 2 Heating, Cooling Application