Electronic Tank Level Gauge – Smart Box 4

Level Gauge Smart Box 4 Sample Application

The Smart Box Series work for vented tanks using a pressure probe. Depending on the pressure probe the box can display, Liter, Gallons, Percent and remaining days of supply. With the probe cable the box can be up to 650 ft (200m) away from the probe.

The Smart Box 4 provides the ability to provide external alarms in case of failure, but can also provide status update via text messaging, in order to reorder if the quantity in the monitored tank is below a defined level.

The text messaging can also be used to transfer information to remote monitoring sites.

The Smart Box 4 is capable to connect up to 4 sensors simultaneously.

The data obtained by the Smart Box 4 can be sent to Siteinfo, in order to have a central tank monitoring.

Level Gauge for 4 sensors - Smart Box 4


Main Features

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