Electronic Tank Level Gauge – Smart Box Mini

Smart Box Mini Display Unit - Electronic Tank Gauge Smartbox Mini Details Electronic Tank Gauge

The Smart Box Mini is a 2 part Tank Level Gauge for vented tanks. The actual measurement is a floating device measuring the depth of the tank (2 optional lengths: 5,2 ft/160 cm or 8,2 ft / 250 cm). The digital display converting into Liter, Percent and cm, can be mounted up to 160 ft / 50 m away.

It is mounted on top of the tank as shown above.

  • Typically used for: Diesel, Heating Oil, Lubricants, Water, Waste Water, Diesel Engine Fluid
  • Display in Liter, cm of height or Percent
  • Direct reading on the tank itself
  • Menu-controlled selection of the tank-shape
  • Measuring distance 5,2 ft/160 cm or 8,2 ft / 250 cm
  • Simple installation and operation
Main Features
  • Two lines digital display
  • 32 ft (10m) cable included
  • 3 AA batteries included

You can find this product in our Webshop:

0-250 cm Version: https://shop.tankmonitoring.net/smart-box-mini-0-250-cm.html

0-160 cm Version: https://shop.tankmonitoring.net/smart-box-mini-0-160-cm.html

Sample Application:

Tank Level Gauge - Smart Box Mini Application