The CAN-Bus interface stands for the Controller Area Network Interface. It can be used to interface systems to other upstream controllers.


A terminology used to determine Explosive areas, such as Hazardous environments.

IP Rating

The IP-Rating is an International Protection marking to rate the protection against intrusion. The individual digits represent the rating of protection and also protection against liquids.

For example:

IP 20: For indoor use:
2 means: effective against items > 12.5mm
0 means: No protection against liquid intrusion

IP 65: Outdoor use in rain
6 means: Dust tight
5 means: protection against powerful water jets


Modbus is a serial communication interface protocol.


RS485 is a serial communication interface protocol.


RS232 is a serial communication interface protocol used also in Personal computers in the COM interface using a 9 or 25 pin plug.


stands for Underwriters Labratories. It is the authority verifying electric and electronic components for Hazardous environments.