TEK-822 Monitor

Propane LPG TEK-822 Monitor











This unit is a cost-effective way to monitor propane tanks and hazardous liquids remotely.

The TEK-822 transfers the data through the cell network to our tank monitoring application where all of the data can be seen online through a browser. The unit comes optionally also with a GPS receiver, that allows to monitor the location of the device.

This unit can connect Rochester Gauges to monitor propane tanks, or can also use hydro static probes which are used for larger tanks and caustic liquids. The unit comes with magnets at at he bottom, which makes it easy to mount on the side of a metal tank, or can also be mounted through two loops for screws. The unit is pre-configured and is equipped with a SIM card that sends it’s data to our tank monitoring online application.

The unit does not have a local display.

It requires a monthly subscription to have access to this service, covering the cost for the hosting service, as well as the data transport cost. For additional details, see Timitoo Tank Monitoring Cloud.

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