Cross Over Prevention (COPS)

Cross Over or Cross Filling tanks at gas stations can cause fuel transoprtation fleets and the operators of gas stations skyrocketing costs. Cleaning the tanks from the mixed fuel, closing the gas station while the corrective measures are taken care of and handling insurances cases with car owners, where the contaminated fuel already reached the cars tanks are issues that can ruin ones reputation in no time.

With the Secu-Data Cross Over / Cross Fill Prevention “Multitank” such issues are a matter of the past. An easy to use system for the driver of the tanker truck, will not open the trucks valve or the ground valve if the delivery hose is connected to the wrong tank at the gas station.

Multitank provides the following features:

  • Cross Over and Cross Fill prevention at Terminal and Gas-Station
  • Tank-Empty Sensor check
  • Overfill prevention
  • Proper grounding
  • SPDF – Sealed Parcel Delivery
  • Geo-Fencing for delivery
  • Product Code changeable electronically (Winter/Summer mix, different product)

Multi Tank Operator Panel