Geofencing and SPDF

Geo-Fencing can help to ensure deliveries are only offloaded at predefined areas. Together with the Sealed Parcel Delivery Function (SPDF) it can be traced which quantities were offloaded at which location.

With Geo-Fencing the off-load areas are stored in the system. The valves of the delivery tanker truck will only open when the truck is at one of the predefined locations.

These functions provide the following featues:

  • Anti-theft
  • Logging and tracing delivery
  • Proof of delivery
  • Improved route planning

Geo fencing example

What is required?

Secu-Tech Multitank with GPS receiver option

The Secu-Tech Multitank System can be equipped with a GPS receiver and through the ModBus or RS232 interface can provide the information about the delivery packets to the delivery system.