Tank Monitoring Solutions

Mechanical Tank Float Gauge Monitor

Tank Level Float Gauge
  • Simple mechanical float
  • Suitable for water harvest, oil tanks, etc.
  • Adjustable length for various tank sizes
  • Accommodates tanks up to 8 ft in height
  • Most economical solution
  • Easy reading display
  • Direct reading on top of the tank

Ultrasonic Tank Monitor Gauge

Overview of the Level Controller Ultrasonic Tank Monitors
  • Suitable for 275 Gallon Heating Oil Tanks
  • Battery operated standalone or with power adapter
  • Displays: remaining volume,  days to empty, volume to fill, remaining days of supply and daily consumption
  • Long battery life
  • Usable for Heating Oil, Diesel, DEF, Water and Lubricants
  • For tanks up to 9 ft in height

Ultrasonic Tank Gauges with Text Messaging Interface

  •  All the features of the Ultrasonic Gauges listed above
  • Low level alarm
  • Text Message when High or Low-Level is reached
  • Automatic measuring via text messaging
  • On Demand Remote configuration (only LC-201)
  • Send tank measurement to multiple numbers
  • Data can be processed by cloud monitoring
  • Battery operated (LC-200) or power adapter (LC-201)

Mechanical and Digital Tank Monitor Gauge

Tank Monitor with Float Smart -Box Mini
  • A simple float measurement on the tank
  • Installed in a 1 1/2 inch opening on top of the tank
  • For tanks up to 8 ft high
  • Digital display wired by cable up to 55 yards away (50 m)
  • Displays: Liter, Volume in percent, Fill level in cm
  • Simple installation
  • Digital display operated by 3 AA batteries
  • Delivered with a 30 ft (10 m) cable

Tank Monitoring with Hydrostatic Pressure Probes

Digital Tank Monitor Smart-Box
  • Usable for larger tanks
  • Suitable for hazardous or caustic liquids
  • Suitable for any tank shape
  • For up to 26,000 gallon tanks
  • Various display options
  • Up to 4 devices per display box
  • Data can be transmitted to external monitoring
  • Optional measurement of temperature
  • Probes can be installed up to 200 yards away
  • Available with high-level and low-level alarms
  • Can be used in mobile applications such as trucks

Local Wireless Tank Monitoring

Remote Tank Level Monitor Secu-Data-L
  • Monitors up to 100 tanks
  • Uses standard pressure probes
  • Any 4-20 mA probes usable
  • Certified for hazardous environments
  • up to 1 mile distance
  • Usable for outdoor (IP 67)
  • Not susceptible to interference
  • Data can be fed into cloud monitoring

Mechanical and Digital Tank Monitor Gauge

Tank Level Monitoring for multiple sites
  • Overview of all monitored tanks
  • Configurable level alarms
  • Data can be exported to ERP systems
  • Multiple devices can be connected
  • Overview of volume to fill – for delivery
  • For multiple tanks at one and multiple locations
  • Connectable to existing monitoring
  • Broad operating temperature range
  • Configurable reporting