Timitoo Tank Monitoring Cloud

We understand that our customers require different ways to display their tank data, which is why we have introduced three different display applications to choose from.  The applications all store the data the same, but the application will determine how the data is displayed.  The Timitoo cloud is licensed on a monthly basis for each tank – no contract required.  Flexible options include partial year monitoring, bulk tank discounts and a one time fee/buy out option.

Available Display Versions:

Stationary Tanks:  Basic view of Tanks and Content details

Tank monitoring cloud


Reseller/Distributor:  Detailed view of Reseller and Distributors operations

Resller Distributor Cloud


Tanker Trucks:  Detailed view of Tank Gauges on Tanker Trucks including route tracing


Sensors Supported:

TEK-733, TEK-568, TEK-643, Secu-Tech LC-200, Secu-Tank Smart Box, TEK-608


Features Included

  • Measurements stored in meters/liters/kilograms or inches/gallons/pounds
  • Adjustable appearance – add company logo, adjust color, add pictures
  • Sortable tables with search function
  • Scalable listeners – allows for load balancing and increased data redundancy
  • Seamless backups – no downtime needed for backups
  • Twilio integration – allows for text messages to and from a sensor
  • Multilingual – English, Spanish, German, and French
  • Event Log – track when users log on or off and what views they access
  • Referenced Tank Shapes – allows for fast changes and updates and reduced entry error
  • Strapping Tables – list of volume for samples of vertical measurements interpolated within these values
  • Role Based Model – allows for hierarchical control, access, and user rights
  • Dashboard Extras – Example: summary of active tanks or tanks without data
  • ERP Integration – Currently supports XML, CSV and EDI
  • Mobile Application


Tank Level View

Tank Detail View


Type of Tank View

Type of Tank


Various Tank View

Tank View