Tanker Truck Monitoring with Torrix Mobile

Complete system for Level Gauging with data transfer, local Display and Output Module for tanker-trucks.  Monitor for theft, water detection, geofencing, and location tracking.

The system measures the level and the temperature of the product high accurate and continuously and sends this to the Truck Monitoring Data Management Program for analysis, evaluation and information for the customer, including high- and low-level alarms as well as alarms on unusual losses (theft control).

Combined with GPS- and Geo-Fence, tour tracking and route plannings are possible.

The local Display shows up to 10 tanker-truck  compartments as well as high/low level alarms. The contents is shown temperature compensated (200) with the possibility of connection for external alarms (216).

  • Reliable solution, even with vibrations of the truck and roads
  • Optional water detection to recognize phase separation
  • Definable alarms for suspicion of theft, leakage and unauthorized unloading
  • Optional with local display and/or remote display
  • Different Tank sizes can be measure with the different probes
  • Display can be mounted inside the drivers cabin (IP30) or on the outside with trailers or semitrailers (IP65)
  • Up to 10 compartments can be connected
  • Configurable to read any tank shape
  • Alarms to be sent via Email and/or Text messages
  • Display can read out Liter, Percent, Distance level (in meter), Imperial Gallons, US Gallons
  • System measures temperature on multiple levels in order to provide compensated values
  • Multilingual display and web portal
  • Powered by truck power (12V / 24V) and can be backed up by battery
Torrix Mobile Details

The Torrix Mobile system is extremely reliable and has been installed to full satisfaction. The probes do not depend on any pressure differences, so it can remain installed during cyclic pressure tests.